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October 6th, 2006

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10:46 pm - Chuusok...
Still waiting on news of who the performers will be, but either way, I enjoy Chuusok. I love the environment and the FOOD! Who doesn't love Korean food?
Crazy people, of course.

Just kidding, but really, I remember a time when I was little when I thought Korean food was the most wretched thing I had ever tasted or smelled. My best friend was Korean; I would spend all of my time at her house and constantly smelling soups boiling on the stove that were so strong we would have to evacuate the house. I remember it was at her house I tried seaweed for the first time... and proceeded to spit it out in disgust. To this day, I still can't enjoy seaweed unless it's soggy in my soup. ^^;

In other news, I am a sleepy girl.

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